Friday, October 24

Shopping With Vera

24th october
Vera and I have decided to try and become friends. We're a similar age, childless, both foreigners in France. Never mind the slightly bumpy start, we're bound to get on - aren't we? As a bonding exercise we arranged to go shopping together yesterday afternoon. My chic neighbour Mme Bontette has invited me to join a group outing to a dinner spectacle tonight, I have never been to such a thing. Mme B has said that I should ‘dress up’. I only have one ‘good dress’ and need some sort of jacket to wear with it.

Vera’s style icon is Doris Day and she loves malls. I agree to start our expedition in one of the shopping centres on the edge of town. I say that I’m looking for something fluffy. After she's held up some preppie cardies I suggest we go into town. I head us to les fripes (vintage clothes shops) and find a fake fur jacket. The jacket illustrated above is a bit tame. Imagine that I’d waylaid a yeti and decapitated it, then snipped the body off below the armpits to make myself a yeti bolero with sleeves - it’s more like that, very ‘rock chick’- great! I can see from Vera’s face that she's neither keen on it nor the fact I've dragged her into this kind of place. Undaunted I bagged it and we went for a drink where she told me some stories and I discovered that she is astonishingly promiscuous - the day then became a whole lot more entertaining.


  1. Ah, Lulu, the Dutch. Very uninhibited race.

    The face we now need a report on is Mme B's, when she sees the jacket. Then we will know how successful your decoding of her was. Have fun.

  2. Thanks DD - I did

    Ernest - are the sexual preferences of different nations your specialist subject by any chance?

  3. lulu - Not especially. But as a psychologist I am a licensed busybody and the sexual proclivities of different nations are not about to pass my radar without observation and comment.

    Then again, as a paid-up bloke, I do think about sex every 47 seconds; so maybe we need look no further than that.

    But why are we fannying about? You have Vera. Ask her the question, ref the Dutch, and report back. My money is on affirmation.


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