Wednesday, October 1

Hornet Conquering Hair

1st October
French ladies get their hair done a lot more than English ones and, possibly as a hint to get myself sorted out, I was recently given a gift coupon to use at a coiffeuse in the nearby town. I came back from Paris feeling a little grungy and have just used my hair coupon.

The vogue around here is for a helmet effect, either a shiny bobbed one, or, as the girl sitting next to me was having done, the wig-on-backwards look, where the hair is brushed forward and winged out in front of one’s face. Strong colour effects are a bonus to any style obviously. I have emerged with solid hair, the sort of thing you might clip onto a lego lady,  with such powerful hair I now feel confident enough to tackle the task I have been avoiding since July - finding a hornet’s nest to film. I will be marching the Director and the Camera Boys to the hairdresser tomorrow to get the same invincible hairdo - and then we will conquer the hornets.


  1. If I put my wig on backwards can I come chasing hornets with you?

  2. Jaywalker, I'm counting on you to have a Leningrad Cowboys wig - you're in

  3. ah lulu. top blog as always, loved the accommodation one too.

  4. You see, now you've gone and given me Bad Thoughts again. When my new wig arrives in December I am SO going to be trying to craft a massive quiff out of the old one now. Bad Lulu!

  5. Hi Lulu, came by via Dumdad and VLiF, do you have Aubergine hair where you are? I seems very trendy here. Debs x
    P.S. I love your graphics

  6. We have every colour hair here Debs, stripey is mst popular but orange is hot.

    Thanks for the nice words on graphics


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