Thursday, October 30

Cocktail Hour

30th October
After the yoga class this week we had our picnic supper in the Salle des Fetes. Pulling together six small plastic picnic tables we were completely dwarfed by the cavernous hall. Bic Biro brought out his apperitif drinks; bottles of Muscat (sweet wine), Ricard and a French brand of Whisky. Mme Bontette had got her fish soup simmering away on the bar counter and was in exuberant mood. She wanted everybody to try a Manhattan - which in her head means equal parts Muscat and Whisky. We don’t have ice and the bottles have not been near a fridge. It takes very special circumstances before I can look at cheap, warm whisky with anything approaching desire. French people think it’s very odd that English people often opt for red wine as an aperitif.

Despite the echoey, swimming-pool quality of the hall I asked Bic if I can use it as a venue for our film show, he’s thrilled with the idea - we have a date.


  1. That is a particularly fetching, what? illustration? collage? Where _did_ you find the image of that lady with the cocktails? You know, she looks just like me! It's uncanny. In fact, I had to put down my tray of cocktails to write this. Also, I love those boots and the Star Wars Soup collage (?)featured in the last post.

    BTW, the word verification I had to type in order to post here is, I kid you not, "expant". Is that a real word? It should be. Maybe it's what's leftover when you make cut-offs.

  2. Hi KSV, She's from a Vogue pattern - but I heard that you were the model for Vogue.

    Expant is the word for unfit people who go and live abroad I believe, we have lots of expants living near us


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