Monday, August 25

Let the good times roll

Bic Biro is the pointy-nosed dynamo who runs our village with help from Mme Bontette. The actual Maire prefers to be left alone with his bees and is entirely happy with this arrangement. Once the graveyard is tidy, and if we don't need another road sign, the main task at the Mairie is to organise the events that take place in the Salles des Fetes, an activity that Mme Bontette throws herself into wholeheartedly. But Mme Bontette is considered a foreigner because she's from a town 40 miles away and not from the actual village, so naturally there is much scurrilous gossip about her. She tells me that there will be gym and yoga classes starting at the Salle next month and a coach trip is being organised to stock up with cheap booze in tax-free Andorra as well as monthly dances. Bic only got voted in at the election by the narrowest of margins - I can't understand why anyone wouldn't want to vote for this 'Good Time' party?

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