Monday, August 18

Grumpy old man

18th August
Fat Dad from next door turned up this evening as I was taking a handful of crickets to feed the praying mantises. He tells me that he feels too grumpy to stay for a drink but thought he’d better let me know. I made resigned-but-understanding noises while the crickets tried to escape through my fingers. He didn't seem to want to go and be grumpy with his family though, he grumbled on for a full half hour about how fed up he is to find himself living in an area with so many other 'Brits'. He plans to not socialise with any non-French people so he can integrate properly with the ‘real’ populace. I encouraged him in this plan.

The half-tailed mouse was back in the trap this morning I put him in the car and drove him miles down the road to let him go


  1. The mouse. Not the grumpy old man.

  2. Do you think so? - I've definitely got very fond of him. The mouse not the grumpy old man


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