Monday, August 4

Social conventions

4th August, France
We got to the Lovely House late on Friday and have been preparing for tomorrow's arrival of kit and personnel. Beds are made, fridges filled with food, and we’re planning the best places to make sets for inside filming.

I’m still fumbling my way around local social conventions. In this village at least, I'm greeted with kisses rather than a handshake at first acquaintance. This apparent intimacy is combined with the fact that most people continue to address me using the more formal vous. No-one asks personal questions and, not wishing to inadvertently cause offence, I'm letting them direct the conversation. So far the favourite subject seems to be National Habit Comparison, I’m often asked how the English do things. This is a typical exchange:
French Person: 'Do the English eat soup?’
Me: 'Yes we eat soup’
FP: 'Soup like our soup?’
Me: 'Yep, pretty much the same sort of stuff’
FP: 'What time of day would you eat soup?’
Me: 'Breakfast usually'


  1. I'm reading through your archives and having a wonderful time. I laughed out loud at the Breakfast usually.

  2. Ditto fairyhedgehog! It sounds like it was a great adventure.


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