Saturday, August 16

Horizontal vs Vertical meals

16th August
The days have started falling into a sort of rhythm now. Breakfast happens around 7ish. Then kit is packed for the day's filming. There have been some trips up into the mountains looking for ephippigers (a chunky sort of cricket the size of a big thumb) and grasshoppers, in which case a picnic is packed. When filming is close by we have the picnic here, under the lime tree if it's nice enough (weather is not great at the moment). Plates are piled high and massive multi-layered sandwiches are constructed. We’ll have a coffee then head straight back out to work, the whole event turns around in about half an hour

By contrast in French homes and lunchtime cafés, the elements of a meal are spaced out. A bowl of soup is followed by a plate of tomatoes then paté and pickles. The main dish is something like steak or casserole. Then dessert, coffee and back to work having had a two-hour break.

After lunch we will work until suppertime, I often light a fire outside near the lime tree and cook there because our scullery kitchen is damp and squalid. Something like grilled meat, new potatoes and whatever vegetables are looking good at the moment. Then cheese and salad or dessert. After eating, people might call partners, play cards, continue talking and drinking. The filming plan for the next day is made before bed.

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