Saturday, October 11

Secrets and Lies

11th October
I've worked out that I probably can find other places for us to film if the landlord decides to reclaim his property, so I'm back to holding tripods and making fun of the neighbours. Landlord's said that he'd turn up end of the morning tomorrow so I've suggested he has lunch with us.

We went to the bar last night and Mrs Strange was going on about her (druid?) neighbours again - when they walked in. Which was interesting because
a) I don't think I know any druids
b) they came in to book a Christmas party and Mrs S said yes lovely but I know that Mrs S is planning to do a flit next month. But I can't tell anyone or she might have to kill me.

I think that's a bit naughty.


  1. Perhaps enough Christmas bookings and the family Strange will find it worth their while to stay?

    It could be they are fleeing debt. France is an impossible place to run a business in. Haven't tried myself, but know many who have. You flirt with bankruptcy if you do, with the major creditor being la belle France herself in the form of social charges.

    btw lulu this blog is the best thing for a long way around. You write well, you are observant and you are witty. Long may you prosper.

  2. Hi ernest, hmmm - possibly about the debt. Despite the fact that I think it's only you and me that read this blog, I don't think I should advance my theory.

    And thanks for the encouragement, much appreciated


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