Sunday, October 12

Getting Shot At By The Landlord

12th October
It was very misty this morning and the Camera Boys were out around the house getting atmospheric shots of dewy spider webs at sunrise. Suddenly I heard them running in and shouting that someone was shooting at them. We all went out to see who was there and the figure of our foxy-faced landlord in his brand new hunting clothes loomed towards us, proudly carrying a very small dead bird in his pocket.
I'll be back later for lunch
He strode off and we put camerawork on hold for the morning.
I was disgruntled

He came back for lunch having done no more damage apparently, he seemed impressed by all the work we'd done clearing up the outbuildings. The Director wanted me to establish if we could be there another year at least, so I asked the landlord if he was planning to put the property on the market, he said no, we could be there as long as we liked. I then asked about laying a concrete floor in the barn adjoining the house so we can set up a filming studio there, the landlord has agreed to pay half the cost of doing this.
I'm still disgruntled


  1. Well, that must be a relief - about being able to stay in your beautiful house. I liked your description of the landlord and his attire. Why did he come over, then, exactly? Just to shoot a bird and ask for lunch?

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  3. That might explain my disgruntlement. A four-hour round trip to kill a blackbird and get lunch?

    I guess he's just checking that we haven't torched the place, but he could have just called a neighbour for that information.


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