Saturday, November 8

French Markets Are So Marvellous

8th November
Despite the fact that filming is over and we are on a break. I can’t actually prise The Director away from his directing tools - he is still compiling 'selects reels’ (putting key sequences on dvd) to send to the writers. He never remembers that he always works through holiday periods and is perpetually amazed by the work he still has to do. Our parents have got the hang of this phenomenon by now and just as they deal with the fact that they have to visit us in cold, uncomfortable houses, they understand that their son (in-law) will only be sporadically visible.

Overcompensating a bit, I took my in-laws up into the mountains to a market I’d not visited before. It was a long drive, the town was bigger than I realised and the market very popular, finding parking was difficult. Fighting our way through the crowds we were soon exhausted and felt the need to return home, but I couldn’t remember where I’d left the car. When we did find the car, it was blocked in by a bigger vehicle which had been obscuring it from view.

We did finally get home, lit a fire and started preparing the cépes that we’d bought at the market - they were full of worms.


  1. Erk. Wormy Ceps. What did you make?. I just followed your link and disovered that Ceps are Porcini!!! Who knew.

  2. We fried the bits we could salvage in butter and garlic and made dainty canapés.

  3. I know that feeling of a market bigger than originally thought, the 'where the hell is the car' moment and then the fatigue that sets in when one gets in after French Market Syndrome. It also astonishes me how much the fruit and veg is at the market.

  4. You know I can't wait to see this film, now that I have been following along here for awhile. Are you going to let us know when and where that will be possible? It seems to me you should be one of the people writing it. Non?

  5. Hello Ms Fancy - French Markets are not a cheap way to shop, one has to think of it as a street theatre event.

    Hi KSV, The Big Controller has insisted that we use 'names' to do the writing.

    At this point.I've no idea when it'll be on

  6. Well, what better name than "LaBonne"?


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