Friday, January 30

Scarecut Trio

30th January
I'm dealing with my hair horror by using hats and avoiding mirrors. I also only go out if I'm not likely to be seen by many people.

A couple of days ago I attended an anti-pesticide film showing at Jeanne's café - an event put on by Félix, a young man who engulfs his skinny body with big knobbly jumpers, an assortment of scarves and an oversized duffle coat, his face is almost entirely hidden by his dreadlocks and profuse beard.

Félix has a degree in ecology, I invited him for lunch with a view to him working on our project, he brought along his friend who is a spider specialist.

Spider Man is scrubbed very clean, wiry ginger hair scraped into a ponytail, his beige turtleneck tucked neatly into his smartly ironed, high-waisted jeans. Spider Man doesn’t do small talk and Félix is extremely shy. I spent the long silences wondering if we should capitalise on our hair and form a pop group, we could become famous as singers on a chat show. All we need is a catchy name ...


  1. I think Felix has a crush on you, but Spider man is only interested in your insects. Don't let him near the fridge unsupervised.

  2. i thought that the race of Men Who Tuck Their Jumpers Into Their Trousers had died out. What a find!

    would your band do covers or original songs?

    how about the name - Earjam?
    like Pearljam, only tastier.

  3. Arachne and the Web Weavers? Or Arachne and the Wig Weavers?
    Or the Beaver Weevils.
    I'll shut up now...

  4. GB - Spider man was edging closer to my fridge, I had to slap his fingers

    TP - I think we should do covers, I've always wanted to do a cha cha version of Pretty Vacant

    Scarlett - Beavers always good, for some reason you've made me think of Merkins ... The Magnificent Merkins, Millicent and the Merkins ...

  5. Oh and TP jam things are always good ... Wigjam?

  6. You could release a DDT-free version of the football chant, 'Earwig oh, Earwig oh, Earwig oh' to Sousa's 'Stars and Stripes'.

  7. Name: Hair Suit
    Signature Song: Almost Cut My Hair

  8. Do they both know you've got ants in the fridge? Maybe they're going to steal them and this is just a ploy to get your trust.

    I bet your hair is not half as bad as you think.

  9. You buzzed right by it rather quickly - but the anti-pesticide film showing must be explained in more detail.

    If it was good perhaps it could be projected (without sound) on the back wall as your Bad Hair group performs gimmicky songs.

  10. BT - Very good, do you want to be our manager?

    XL - Hair Doesn't Suit would be more to the point.

    FF- I got my ants out for them to look at but Spider Man is pretty focused on his arachnids and Félix likes dragonflies.

    Bill - Félix's films are always excruciatingly dull - in the pesticide one, the garish shirt of the presenter was the best bit.

  11. Lulu & The Spiders From Mars.

  12. The soap-dodger ( a term I know only too well) sounds delightful if bohemian. Spider Man may meet a Black Widow and then where would he be?

    What about They Might Be My Ants, which given their best album was 'Flood' might be appropriate

  13. At no point after I reached the age of 21 or so would I willingly attend a film that was "anti" anything. How was it?

  14. bb - That seems appropriate - I like it.
    Madame Defarge - great titles, I can imagine having to use that line too.

    KSV - Félix is very earnest in his eco-campaigning. I'm with him in spirit but the films can be a bit clunky.

  15. Great! For names for the band how about:

    Mantid Mann (and The Earth Band)
    Moth The Hoople
    and... err... The Beetles

  16. @ Gadjo Dilo. "Moth The Hoople." Brilliant!

  17. How about "The Thompson Twins"? That band had a real eye for hairstyles.

  18. Gadjo - xl and I vote for Moth The Hoople is perfect - look out for our tour and subsequent appearance on Des O'Connor's next show (is he still alive?)

    Katrocket - we'd have to be The Thompson Triplets I can't remember their songs but the hairstyles mmmmm.

  19. How about The Inner Exhibitionists? I've always wanted to name a band that.

  20. Pru - I like that name, I met someone with a band called The Epidemics - I always wanted to be an epidemic

  21. Hi Lulu. I wondered if you've heard of the insect circus run by some friends of ours in Suffolk.
    Worth a look. They sent us a Christmas card one year of a wacky band called 'The Peoples' made up of insects dressed as people. Right up your alley

  22. JoeyJo - I have seen their website, I thought they looked brilliant


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