Monday, February 2

More Secrets and Lies

2nd February
Mrs Strange has come back to France to visit her bar and see how her son and his new wife are coping. I thought it would be nice to drop by for a coffee and say hello - too late I realised that I’d stepped into the aftermath of a massive row. Mrs Strange has stormed off to town and Courtney is steaming behind the bar. She has been online booking tickets for a flight back to Denmark at the end of the month, she tells me this adding:
Don’t mention it to anyone as we have to wait until the cow has calmed down before we tell her
This has happened to me before


  1. Ooooh, apologies to all the nice goths out there but as I've said before I'm really off goths. Talking of Secrets and Lies, Mike Leigh has successfully rubbished the working classes for seemingly forever - maybe it's time he made a film taking the piss out of goths instead.

  2. Nothing more awkward then coming in at the end of an argument. If you had been earlier you could have had some popcorn and watched a good show...

    Thanks for coming to visit me. I like your page. I'll have to keep my eye on you.

  3. I go to town all the time and nothing ever happens 'cept for being in traffic and doing some kind of commerce. Tho, saturday night, I did say, "Great meal" to the chef at our favorite Seattle restaurant. He said, "They do their best." Yes he did.

  4. Are the French not keen on their in-laws then? I would have expected better things from such good-natured, cheerful people.

  5. Gadjo - When Goths meet Munsters hell breaks out - and it's quite funny

    Sweet Cheeks - Good to see you, you're spot on, get there for the fireworks not the bad small afterwards

    Bill - you probably get better coffe than I do at our local too

    GB - the Stranges are Brits and Daughter-in-law is Danish but the French are champion in-law haters - second only to the Italians in my view

  6. you'll have to get the details, Lulu. We're all counting on you. I think that the Danish princess should make a run for it while the running is good! Can you give her a ride to the airport?

  7. I keep thinking a Goth version of Hamlet could result from this situation.

  8. Sounds fascinating...
    I promise not to mention it to anyone.

  9. I don't have the slightest idea what you're on about but I'll stick around as I recognize some of your regulars.

    *swats at assorted gnats and midges*

    Could you do something about these bugs though?

  10. That is an entirely different kind of bar fight.

    I confess I told this news to all my imaginary friends. The voices inside my head made me do it.

  11. TP - I think the details will be too depressing. But I suspect that I will be doing that airport run.

    xl- the saga of our local bar is certainly tragic.

    Hello Duchess - nice pins

    MJ - I'll be right over for your gnats, I'll put them in my fridge with the other creatures

    WOW - As long as your imaginary friends can keep a secret

  12. I read the back story first - you do set a scene well. Do you think Mrs Strange will come to the rescue when the young Goths take off? Maybe you'll be offered the job of running it.

    Anyway, ssshhhh, mustn't tell anyone.

    p.s. - are the ants still in cold mode?

  13. Sharing strange secrets sounds a dangerous game. Best keep a low profile. Sit in a dark corner, playing rune dominoes and humming something catchy by Dimmu Borgir, sort of thing.

  14. Hi FF- ants still in the fridge (keeping warm!). The trouble is that after a slack winter I'll be too busy to do anything else soon.

    BT -I've never been anywhere with more intrigue I don't like it.

  15. Oh my! Lulu, this is so much better than Corrie Street.

  16. Katrocket - You watch Corrie in Toronto?

  17. I'm in Canada and never miss an episode of Corrie.

    We're nine months behind the UK though.

    It is The Colonies, after all.

  18. MJ - My brain doesn't know what to think about that? It never occurred to me that Corrie could travel.

  19. It's true, what MJ said. We're way behind the UK episodes, but Corrie is actually very popular in Canada.

  20. Well you're going to have to send me updates - 'cause I never get to see it anymore


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