Tuesday, January 6

Not Enough Lagging

6th January
My pipes are frozen, I've borrowed and stolen as many buckets as I can lay my hands on and fetched up water from the lake (after cracking through the surface ice). The buckets all have to be in the living room to stop them freezing over, the ants are keeping warm in the fridge. I've been round Mme B's house filling bottles with drinking water (she's properly lagged of course). It's not too bad in the day because I can go off on bracing walks but once in the house I have to wear every item of clothing I own.

The cats are making me laugh though. Julie kills stuff and Kevin steals it, then parades around pretending it's his, this is Kev showing me a bit of the rat Julie just caught.


  1. Nothing says "yummy" like a bit of rat.

  2. Are you sure the insects will be safe from the cats? I've seen cats do amazing things with insects. The ants might be safer in someone's pants.

  3. Gadzooks!

    It sounds like you should be filming the Shining Dr Zhivago or Waterloo?

    Let's see now...Military..Ants...these wouldn't happen to be Army Ants now would they?

    Most people would be horrified to find Ants in their fridge but from your posting I can tell that you are slowly reverting to a feral state. It is odd that cats need to show off their kills?

    I saw an interesting bit on frontal lobes and memory etc...anyway Dogs have a bit 7% or so but our felid friendsnot-so-much...
    which the presenter stated explains why les Chat seem to live in the NOW! Which is way cool.
    They certainly don't kill themselves trying to please like the dogs do? Maybe that's why they stare at you all the time..and you are?..and this would be regarding?

    For the record are the Cats talking to you yet? If you find yourself conversing with them might I suggest that a trip into the local village may be in order.

    Thanks for the visit Lulu..this place is very interesting.

  4. My my, you are damn entertaining! I went back a few blogs and have been smiling the whole time.

    Conincidentally, I had an earwig sandwich for dinner today. It did not taste like chicken.

  5. Sometimes, one of my cats presents me with one of her toy mice. So far, the other cat has not poached her kill.

  6. Those cats are keepers! Mine are so lazy they wouldn't even notice a rat unless it nabbed some of their food.

  7. Dave the plumber told me the other day that he hadn't been called out for a burst pipe since 1985. You must be very rural where you are.

    Your Kevin is a pimp.

  8. Brings a whole new dimension to ratatouille Bill

    That would make the ants all hot and start breeding - which would be itchy Mr Bananas

    I am doing a remake of The Shining while I'm waiting for insect filming to get started Donn. You have correctly deduced that I'm not getting out much

  9. Wow - I don't find earwigs very chickeny either, I think they they taste more like ants

    Are your cats both girls XL?

    But you are feeding your cats caviar Prunella - why would they want rat after that?

    Daffers - Kevin is named after my favourite pimp because of his bounderly behaviour

  10. The huntress is Lola, who is a petite girl. RJ, the head cat, is a boy.

  11. My cat came through the catflap with a mouse in a mousettrap once!

  12. Could you wrap the cats around the pipes? I'm not proposing animal cruelty, really, but it would be a beneficial application of feline furriness.

    Or you could squeeze into the fridge with the ants.

  13. ah lulu, see how they love you now? It was only a matter of time. I could forsee it even if you could not. And well deserved it is too. dcxx

    PS - dcxx was typed by my cat, Cupidon. He does that sometimes.

  14. Lola must have trained RJ properly XL

    Did she have a dog on her tail Helen?

    I don't really have enough cat for my pipage and I'd just end up with cat lollies Madame DeFarge

    And Ernest - showing off with your typing cat - she'll be doing your posts next

  15. Typical man - taking credit for a gal's hard work.

    Be sure to keep your tongue off those pipes.


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