Monday, January 19

Filming Notes

19th January
I've been tagged by A Lady with Bichons in Brittany (finish the limerick and get an extra prize) to put up the 4th image in the 4th folder on my computer and talk about it.

The 4th folder is my filming notes archive, where I keep the stuff I've photographed to record our filming process, this is the 4th image. Close up one of those bits of paper looks like this;

All the programmes in the series are broken down into sequences, the sequences are broken down into the separate shots which are described and a note is made of how long the shot should be, then the cumulative total of the sequence. These notes are printed up and stuck to the wall, at the end of the day/week we add colour coded notes. I think it's self-explanatory but do say if it isn't

I have to tag 4 others so here you are;
The Projectivist


  1. Wow, bravo, I could never put together a shot-list archive without going completely mad. When I wrote & produced simple TV spots back in the 80s my storyboards were excruciatingly tedious and I was derided for my compulsive obssession to detail...
    and rightly so I should imagine?

    Meme eh?
    The fourth picture in the fourth folder on my computer..
    OK I'll do it, but only for the attention!

  2. you bad girl - will work on that tomorrow -
    hey, just who did the demo of the wasp sting?

  3. A Lady with Bichons in Brittany
    So kindly put the tag to me.
    Woodlouse and wasps.
    Oh, the rising costs.
    This film schedule will be the death of me.

  4. The forth of four ... Okay, but I have several hard drives so there will be more than one. Will do it tomorrow, because you asked.

  5. Donn - Good oh - I'm looking forward to more showing off from you

    Deb - the wasp sting was a tortuous week in the summer we all take responsibility

    xl - so sharp, and still only a kitten

    Bill - the fourth hard drive then

  6. This level of planning would drive me mad. I am sane, ergo I don't plan to this level.

  7. Merci Lulu La Bonne ,

    To have come in location on my blog " en repérage ", and return the courtesy is a joy :)

  8. A Lady with Bishons in Brittany//
    Spread jam on her gams till they biter knee//
    With a Mighty, Oh-Ouch!//
    She lept from the chouch//
    And clung to the overhead Tiffany!

  9. A Lady with Bishons from Brittany
    Played flute in the Gettyberg Symphany
    Seduced by the drummer
    One memorable summer
    Banging bums on the hide of his tympany

  10. hey! is this a contest?! what's the prize?
    "A Lady with Bichons in Brittany
    Cried "Regardez-vous! An epiphany!
    If Beethoven was deaf
    Erstwhile writing a symphony,
    Then Simon Cowell a talent judge, That he is definitively...."

  11. ha,and one more for this evening...

    A Lady w/ Bichons in Brittany
    Decried the Rumors of Nat'l Recession Terrifically;
    Spending every Saturday reducing
    Her Husband's account Significantly

  12. Ernest - you are proved correct - the process has driven us all completely bonkers
    Jacob - you are getting me into poetry after all.
    Deb - the Simon Cowell ref kind of spoiled the first - but I loved the second

    Blimey - I've got to think of a prize now

  13. so what you're saying then is, you don't leave much to chance? there's an awful lot of planning involved!

    hmmm the fourth image in the fourth folder?
    let me see...

  14. well, the simon reference was due to a lack of imagination on my part (i think i have watched about 30 mins of A.I. after all the time it's been on the boob-tube) so i apologize. strike that out and sub another name to your fancy.

    i think the best of the worst limerick should get the "booby prize"...

  15. Hey Crabtree - Bienvenu

    Ms Projectivist - I know you've got some great stuff in there.

    Deb - you've clearly not had enough exposure to the Vile Cowell - tant mieux

  16. Do you really have a job with wasps and woodlice, Lulu? I composed this, which rhymes at least:

    A lady with Bichons in Brittany
    Uttered this vampiric litany:
    "Bees, wasps and woodlice...
    I have to be nice,
    'Cos they'd guess what I was if I bit any"

  17. Gadjo,

    There you go! A limerick has to scan!

  18. Lulu, I bet you couldn't do your job with a hangover. How are the ants?

    I love the limericks but all the best rhymes have been taken now

  19. I used to make endless shot lists like that in a past job life. Quel flashback! I think I need a drink.

  20. Gadjo - yours is the best rhyme but Jacob's made me laugh most.

    TP - there is not a millisecond left to chance.

    Frenchie - far from it mine is stating.
    A lady with bichons in Brittany
    wanted more, but her house couldn't fit any...

    Katrocket - that is the bind - after doing the lists you need a drink, then you can't do the lists...

  21. A lady with Bichons in Brittany
    sang praises about them in litany.
    As she finished her list,
    Her Frise she kissed,
    then shouted, "The Bichon has bitten me!"

  22. i vote for leslie and her biting bichons....

  23. Ok - the biting bichons it is. I never did finish the one I was working on.


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