Thursday, May 19

Fuzzy Pictures: day 5

I've been tearing out strange and interesting pages from magazine for decades, today I decided to decorate one of the edit suites with them, the parts are still being shifted around but they must get stuck down tomorrow.

I'm hoping the editor will enjoy it, this bit appears to be the animal cruelty section, it includes a photo of James Dean playing bongos to some cows and a pig, Emilio Zapata blowing smoke in the face of a night monkey and some images of a horse dressed as a zebra being ridden by a tiger.


  1. Hello Lulu:
    We imagine that in all probability you are expecting, if not provoking, comment on matters animal [whether they be with four or two legs].

    However, as usual when we arrive at your blog, our minds stray to other things which catch our eyes.

    Today, we are intrigued by your radiator. Ours in Budapest are identical and took forever and a day to negotiate, finally arriving via Slovakia. Did yours come this way too?

  2. Is that the wooden rod the Editor will use to whip the Camera Boys?

  3. I can't help but wonder what the significane is of that generously proportioned bare ass in one of the pictures.

  4. Ooh...sorry, I said "significane" rather than significance. Maybe something to do with what xl said.

  5. What sort of magazines do you read??

  6. Can you come decorate my office next?

  7. Who is the chap in the sombrero, and what's going on with his trousers?

  8. J& L - goodnes me I'd ave thought Hungary was riddled with lovely radiators. These ones are the original ones that came with the building (Brunel designed it so I would expect him to have impeccable taste)

    xl - yes

    Louciao... Inspiration darling ... inspiration

    Gadjo - same sort as you I bet

    Nursey - you bet - any excuse to come to Melbourne

    Eryl .. That's Emilio Zapata in his homoerotic chaps

  9. the editor does indeed enjoy the aesthetic fruitfulness of the wall, in fact he is happy that his chair is devoid of a swivel function as he fears his time would be spent happily whiling away the hours inventing fun and exciting links betwixt each part of the inventive collage

  10. No swivel chairs were put in that suite for good reason - there is such a thing as too much fun you know Mr Matey Boy


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