Wednesday, January 11

Grave Digger Required

I'm on a bit of a Dickens jag at the moment and have just been watching Edwin Drood on telly.

Drood was duly murdered then I went and checked out some small ads, I found a job advert for a Grave Digger, the job description stated that:

Candidates must have previous experience in all tasks associated with the preparation of graves ...


  1. I'm thinking experience as an insect fluffer would also be a definite plus. Good luck!

  2. Ideal for an immigrant from the Bordeaux area...

  3. 'All tasks associated with the preparation of graves'? Surely they might just as well have said 'Must own one's own shovel'.

  4. Does that include providing cadavers?

  5. Do I have to work the graveyard shift?

  6. Speak with me on the morrow, and you shall find me a grave man.

    Best headline of the week.

  7. Many people would die for a job like that!

  8. Hahah I saw that play in high school. The audience voted for the ending. It was awesome.

  9. lx I'm thinking that my musculature would be more appropriate for insect handling anyway

    Mme Fly - it is isn't it?

    Gadjo - these days it reads'Must own one's own digger lorry'.

    Nursemyra - I think providing cadavers is a negotiable extra.

    MJ - Of course

    Dolcevita - 'tis a grave business indeed.

    Wow - Many people would die for a job like that! Many people probably did

    Hello Gia - The tv version did go well here too

  10. Fresh air, exercise, quiet company -- what more do you want?


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