Saturday, February 11

Road Trip. 1: In Which I Visit Art

I'm going to visit Scotland via Art. In order to get to Art as fast as possible I take the motorway.

Absence of planning on my part so I arrive at Yorkshire Sculpture Park between exhibitions, saw lots of sculpture-moving kit and car-park renovationers.

Thank the Lord there is still plenty of Art lying around; very much liked set of huge military jackets made of metal.

Very keen on James Turrell. Visit JT 'Skyspace' in YSP. Sky doesn't seem very interesting during my visit but allow that freezing temperature has diminished my ability to contemplate properly.


  1. you're back! how wonderful... tell us more about your trip xx

  2. Skyspace reminds me of the Sea Of Holes. Sorry.

  3. Yes, but are you now a werewolf?

  4. ah, that's right, the drink was involved, sugar! xoxoxoxo

  5. Nursery - I'm trying, internets patchy
    Xl - you'd love skyspaces
    Scarlet - lets see what happens next month
    Dav - the demon was certainly involved xxx


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