Monday, February 13

Road Trip. 2: In Which I Purchase A Spiny Balloonfish

Headed into the depths of Yorkshire and found a suitably scary-looking inn to stay for night. The sort of place full of people who all go silent when I walk through the door.

Barman says that in this part of the world one drinks Baileys with Brandy, wanting to fit in, tried a few of these ... rather good actually ... don't remember much of the rest of the evening.

Needed a Hair of the Dog to get going the following morning.

Continued drive towards Scotland, stopped in small town to investigate curio shop with large, dried Spiny Balloonfish. Request to purchase item. Take surprisingly long time to wrangle what is effectively a brittle, fragile, balloon stuck with sharp spines out of shop and into car. Next stop I see that the beast has thoroughly embedded itself in my upholstery.


  1. Baileys with Brandy? Even better with a shot of Tia Maria.

  2. The spiky fish will make a nice companion for Hugh and Foxy!

  3. Thanks Scarls, I'll try that

    Xl - I thought so too

  4. I had no idea that Scotland still existed.

  5. Goldfish swallowing is more fun than spiny ballonfish swallowing.

  6. At least it did not embed itself into YOU!! Picture? W.C.C.

  7. Lulu, be my valentine! [mmmwwwaaahhh]

  8. how cool does that spiny blowfish sound, sugar? nicely done re the baileys and brandy! i'm impressed!

    xoxoxooxo and happy van halentine's day!

  9. I'm still laughing at what red-handed said

  10. We Scots will be looking for red-handed.......

  11. Mr Red: Scotland is the new England

    Wow: not hungry enough for spiny ballonfish swallowing, are they tasty?.

    W.C.Camp - I has actually been embedded in me, not going to show picture of this though.

    lx - delighted to! xxxoooxx

    Savannah - you will have all this to come xxx

    Nursey - please don't encourage him

    Mme Fly - Red-handed loves trouble - have fun!


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