Tuesday, February 28

Road Trip 4: in Which I Fight Dragons

Spent some days in Scotland fighting dragons/dinosaurs and volcanos with my nephew who helped me draw this picture of our adventures.

Explored a part of Scotland which involved a journey through the 'Devils Beeftub' also ate a fishcake while I was there.


  1. Hello Lulu:
    Adventure, adventure all the way. How splendid and what a marvellous travelling companion you had.

    The Scottish fish cake as depicted looks particularly delicious, was it an improvement on the deep fried Mars bar for which that country is so famous?

  2. Aha! This explains the dragon toasting chihuahuas comment at mine!

  3. "Fish" and "cake" should not be put together in the same word or mixture. My grandmother used to make fishcakes. Perhaps putting candles on them as you've illustrated and letting them get covered in melted wax, or otherwise setting them on fire, would have made them more palatable.

  4. The Devil's Beeftub reminds me of a lady I used to be acquainted with.

  5. Looks a bit like "Star Gazey Pie." Not that that improves it.

    (I emailed you re. possible meeting in Bristol)

  6. The Devil's Beeftub sounds delicious

  7. Hello Top Hats, how lovely to see you, I definitely preferred the fishcake to the mars bar.

    LX - a day out isn't complete without dragons

    Louciao - funny how those experiences can scar one for life.

  8. Kevin - we need to know more!

    Dinahmow - Now there's a dish I've not thought of for a while

    Nursey - I want to invent a dish and name it the Devils Beeftub


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