Wednesday, February 15

Road Trip. 3: In Which I Encounter Children

Ensconced in Scotland, looking after my sister's children. Have only dropped baby twice so far and seem to be getting on quite well with the four-year-old who shares my enthusiasm for Dennis the Menace.

I tell the boy about my new grave-digging job, he thinks about all the excavating involved and says:

I expect you have to do that to stop them smelling


  1. i'll need refresher tips! :~) there's news at our place, sugar! xoxoxoox

  2. That's exactly why I am afraid to pick up babies!

  3. Now I'll spend the night trying to remember the name of Dennis' dog...I might need him for red handed...

  4. The boy sounds rather wise.

    I always rather admired Dennis the Menace for his stripes.

  5. Was baby wearing a hard hat?

  6. ...not to worry, babies always land on their feet... or was that cats?

  7. sav - CONGRATULATIONS! Yup I know all about how to handle children me, planning to open a creche/school/child-holding bay when I get home.

    lx, - amazing how bouncy babies are - don't worry they can take the odd fall.

    Fly - Red and Gnasher - what a pairing!

    Eryl - the boy is rather wise, he also reckons he's about ready to do a brain transplant.

    Nursey - nappies as good as a hard hat.

    Scarlet, I think cats always land on the butter.

  8. Another genius in the family. Look out. Loved the drawings in your last post too.

  9. Wow, what a mature and sophisticated and 4-year-old! Most sprogs of that age would be more interested in how to make things smell even more.


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