Tuesday, July 24

Cheesy Bison Cakes

Minced Bison
20 kilos of Gruyére
2 kilos of salted cod
Pink biscuits from Reims
3 kilos smoked sausage
1 kilo 'good quality flower'
'30 graines de djansan'

Some of the items still on my shopping list. I'm having problems with that last one which is for a Cameroonian dish called Poulet Directeur Général - please let me know if you know what this spice might be.

This, of course, is all in aid of the annual gourmetfest or 'Taste the World', part of the WOMAD festival and I shall be reporting back on it next week.

Meanwhile I have fallen in love with these boys, they live in Switzerland where they have a chili farm and will be making a chili fondue with me on Friday.


  1. If you're down here for WOMAD...are you likely to visit Queensland? If so, I'd be delighted to clear out the spare room for you.
    (If not, please enjoy WOMAD for me.)

  2. Sounds delish! I'm wondering, what wine goes with a bison/cod dish?

  3. thanks dinah - sadly I'm confined to Womadding on British shores these days.

    lx - it has to be Beau's Festival Ale apparently.

  4. Hallelujah, how many cakes are you baking? Poulet Directeur Général sounds intriguing. Have you found your Djansan yet? if not, this might help: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Njangsa (apparently, Njangsa is English for Djansan)

  5. Thanks metmum - That's a really good link that I'd not found before although it is proving impossible to locate this seed so far.

  6. Have fun! Might I suggest that Seco and Whomever, the French Swiss of your post, bring along some hairnets.

  7. you had me at "20 kilos of Gruyere" no matter what crazy spice you throw in the mix. Cheese is the saviour of the planet, or at least most dishes.

  8. That film makes me discombobulated. I don't have any grainy footage of anything!

  9. Kim, no hairnets for the Swiss boys - don't think the screaming girl fans were concerned about hygiene.

    Louciao, I'm right with you there!

    Mr Red, Boats make me feel queasy even just on film

    Eryl, Pwoar was le mot du jour for the chilli farmers


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