Wednesday, September 12

First Catch Your Bison

A water bison is what yer wash yer face in  Roger McGough

This year's Taste The World was the usual voyage of discovery; new friends, new music, new food. 

When a Canadian band requested bison meat I was a bit stumped, there doesn't seem to be enough room to raise bison in the UK but we discovered a bison-owning lady near Sedgefield who will post bison meat to you should you ever need some.  Bison meat is very lean, the Canadian boys' secret for BB perfection was to add beer to the bison burger mix - it was excellent.

Occasionally an artist has the sort of agent that will say 'oh yes my musician loves cooking he'd love to cook on stage,' I am sent a popular regional recipe and the musician has no idea what he has been signed up to. The Poulet Directeur General recipe was one of those; a very handsome Blick Bassey arrived at the kitchen stage on Sunday morning, told the audience that, as he has 7 sisters at home and no men are allowed anywhere near the kitchen, he had no idea how to make this dish. Therefore I must cook and Blick must play his guitar.

That turned out surprisingly well and there were lots of great moments during the event. The highlight of the weekend was a band called Nuba Nour, they belong to a tribe of Nubian people who lost their land to the Aswan Dam project and are effectively permanently homeless. There's a better video of them here  They cooked a fantastic lamb and okra recipe full of secret ingredients but gum mastic was essential to getting the texture right, during the cooking there was a lot of dancing going on, I managed to get this little clip.


  1. What happens if the bison meat gets delayed in the post, or intercepted by a small dog...
    Yes, I am stupid enough to imagine that it is wrapped in brown paper and tied with string when it is sent...

  2. Bison is excellent and is available from several local markets here. It makes tasty burgers, BBQ, and chili. However, I don't have the talent to dance like that.

    Oh Hai Miss Scarlet!

  3. I could buy bison in France...very lean!
    I kept seeing gum mastic in a book of Egyoptian recipes...but where to buy it stumps me.

  4. Buffalo is big out here in Colorado. I love that video. They make cooking look like fun. Next time I microwave chicken nuggets for the kids, we are going to have a dance party!

  5. Please send Bison. :¬)


  6. Here, the rage is for kangaroo.Very good for the heart.At almost $30/kg it's good for bankers, too!
    Love the dancing!

  7. As I'm a Canadian, I've had a bison burger...unknowingly.

    I assumed it was a regular beef hamburger.

    I couldn't tell the difference.

    And it did not taste like chicken.

  8. Scarlet, the package also has MEAT stencilled across it for the literate pets

    Lx _ Have a practise I bet you'll surprise yourself.

    Mme Fly - The gum was brought over from Egypt in the form of tiny little amber beads. I've not seen it in the shops either.

    Wow - supper is only earned in this house by the performance of a dance beforehand.

    Map - Have sent but don't blame me if the dog gets it first

    Dinah - I'm sure there are jokes abounding about kangaroo meat.

    MJ - Did it have beer in it?

  9. I've eaten bison but always seems a bit 'heavy'. Ostrich is also very lean, and makes for a great steak but 4X the cost of lean beef, so why buy it! Neat vid clip! W.C.C.


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