Wednesday, December 19

Placebo Pies

Waiting at a bus stop I listen to a woman wearing sparkly antlers telling her friend about a recent party hosted by a stuffy friend;

Sparkly had volunteered to supply the mince pies...

Sparkly: … so then Malcolm said he’d help me cook them ... and when he came over he had this bag of grass and we made a special one for us with a cross on it so we’d know which one it was… but then the pastry all kind of melted in the oven and the cross disappeared so we didn’t know which was ours … I took them anyway and didn’t say anything about the grass ... everyone was there and eating them and  they all seemed normal but when Malcolm turned up a couple of hours later he was pissed and I knew he’d told someone ‘cos a ripple went through the room…

…and then everyone started behaving really differently … in a good way


  1. This is why I ALWAYS take offered brownies.


  2. The remarkable powers of the placebo effect! I will make a note to eat more mince pies.... I read a rumour that there was an mishap similar to this at a mince pie factory this year... :-)

  3. Do you happen to have Sparkles' e-mail address handy? Uh, I'm asking for "a friend."

  4. I think you'd need to be feeling a bit um... magical... to wear sparkly antlers!

    1. Nah! - sparkly antlers are more common daywear than bobble hats round here

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you MJ - that will help our Christmas go with a swing

  6. Pearl - me too!
    Scarlet - Just think what one could do if you'd convinced the country you'd taken charge of thier water supply


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