Monday, December 10

That Time of Year...

My husband and his son were discussing Christmas this weekend:

Son: What d'you want for Christmas then Dad?

Dad: I dunno something useful ... gloves, scarves .... they're always good

Son: A scarf then ... would you like one like the one you gave me last year?

Dad: That was a really nice scarf that was  ... Welsh wool ... very good quality 

Son: I could let you have that one if you like, I've never worn it.

Dad: Sounds great - yeah all right

Christmas - sorted!


  1. there are rumors of re-gifted "gifts" - going from house to house, traversing the county. Some have price tags dated from the 1960s.

  2. i LOVE this story, sugar! LOL xoxoxoxo

  3. I have some vintage Christmas cards circa 1973, if anyone's seriously doing vintage this year... close ups of baubles and candles feature prominently.

  4. Perfect! And no worries about the size either!

  5. Love it!
    Oh...don't rush to take up Scarlet's offer. I think she's trading with Tim!

  6. That sounds brilliant. Maybe next year they could save time by each buying something they wants then swapping them to give to each other.

  7. All questions should be answered with such efficacy!


  8. Very environmentally sound thinking here...

  9. Thank you for sharing this information to us... Keep coming

  10. Bill, the main thing is to check that cookery book hasn't been signed to you before you pass it on.

    Sav, does that sort of thing go on in your household?

    Scarls - they sound great but I gave up doing cards a while back.

    Dinah - d'you think she is? I shall quiz the minx

    LX - exactly - perfect fit!

    Welcome Z and Pearl
    I have long been the advocate of a scheme whereby we all agree to spend a few quid on ourselves then get happy together.

    Kim - Thats me, recycling queen of cotham

    Wow - only in some respects

  11. The post-modern spin on "it is more blessed to give than to receive" would be "it is more blessed to regift than to give."

  12. Mother's ancient admirer must have bought a job lot of Christmas cards sometime in the mid nineties...the same camel arrives every Christmas.

  13. Louciao - I like that

    Mme Fly - I have been known to do similar


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