Friday, September 5

seems like I've been in dental dread


I can't remember when I wasn't eating painkillers.

I did go to see the dentist last Tuesday,  arriving early to sit among the magazines in that shrunken scared way of someone who knows something bad is going to happen.

after a long chat with the receptionist the dentist showed me into the surgery

the dentist then spent ten minutes telling me about her overloaded schedule - finally she looked in my mouth but she was out of time and said she'd have to do the work over her lunch break today.


  1. *sigh* it does make you wonder why she spent 10 mins in conversation instead of talking while she looked at your mouth...but then again, maybe it's better she didn't. ;) xoxoxox

  2. Oh Dear. Bad dentist. I hope you offered to bring her some candy... maybe some really sticky toffee would cheer her up.

    After reading this post I went in search of a bit of a Simpson's episode that I thought might ease your pain. I couldn't find a link to the show but I found this bit of script:

    Dentist: Ahhhh Mr. Simpson, have you been flossing regularly?

    Homer: Absolutely. All the time. I go to the floss store and they're like, "Whoa, there he is again." - 'Cause I buy so much floss.

    Dentist: Let's just get started.

    Homer: Oh, my God! My gums! - They hurt so much!

    Dentist: I haven't started yet.

    Homer: I know, but a breeze from the window went in my mouth.

    Cut to waiting room

    Homer (screaming) You butcher!

    Woman in waiting room, to child: Don't worry, sweetie.
    I'm sure that man has some special tooth problem.

    Homer (shouting and overheard in waiting room): I don't even have a special tooth problem! This is just a routine checkup! Oh, the bib is choking me!

    1. OMG - I AM HOMER!
      thanks for holding up the mirror Kim


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