Wednesday, April 15

I should be driving to Italy

right now, annoying the Man by singing Cliff Richard songs and arriving somewhere near Verona in time for supper.

But that didn't happen.

I'd already arranged for Rabbit to cover my Brain Doctor days so here we are having a 'staycation' which in my case involves cleaning the kitchen, washing my jumpers and sulking. I am also knitting a garden chair with electrical wire.

The Man has channeled his disappointment into bee maintenance; having planted lots of 'flowers for bees' - his slug-defense strategy is getting progressively aggressive, he is photographing and logging all the insects that come into our garden, particularly the solitary bees and has identified around FIFTY different species of bee just in our tiny city centre patch.

This intense scrutiny also means that he has become an expert in bee First Aid, frequently placing tired bees near a source of food and rescuing rain-sodden bees. On Sunday I saw him taking a tiny glass of water out to clean a bee that was muddy and couldn't fly properly.


  1. Bummer about the lost Verona road trip. Maybe use that as a reason to go out for a nice Italian diner tonight?

    1. We are eating a lot of pasta this week

  2. We have a colony/family of little black native bees living in what was a compost bin. Not an elegant garden structure, but I refuse to evict them.

    The thought of Cliff Richard all the way to Verona is...scary

    1. Bees sound nice Dina - I'd probably dilute Cliff with Elvis


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