Friday, May 22

I'm back in Crouch End

with Hairy Cat who has aged since my last visit - a baby compared to my friend Rebecca's cat, The Hairy One is just 16 years but I think that still adds up to at least 100 cat years.

He's crotchety with arthritis and renal problems but I've got the hang of how he likes his food and which bits I can stroke AND NO PICKING UP OWCHOWCHOWCH!!!

Crouch End is part of London and I shall now go to see Art - in Bloomsbury a girlfriend has lined a room entirely with folded coils of fabric and this afternoon someone will sing in this room.


  1. I'm wondering how this Cat Petting Guide compares to your field experience with Hairy Cat.

  2. Folded coils of fabric...
    sounds like excellent sound-proofing, especially for certain voices.

    1. it made the voice sound very different


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