Thursday, December 22

Saw this tempting ad

in London yesterday.

In the afternoon I met Ken who is blind and would like someone to go and read to him now and again. 

Ken asked me to describe myself. After I'd said that I was a fairly average sized sort of woman  I felt I ought to try and think of distinguishing features, I described my hair which went down well, then I said that children tend to notice my gold tooth and that I supposed it made me look a bit swashbuckling. 

This bit made Ken visibly anxious


  1. If you need a reference on that swashbuckling claim, please feel free to have Ken contact me.

    1. He's quite pedantic - expect a long questionnaire

  2. A blinging smile then!
    Merry Jollities to you, Lulu!

  3. should've told him you know how to rodeo ants and grubs. or at least you did at one time.


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