Saturday, January 14

On the bus to Penge

I'm on the top deck. Sitting across from me are two boys aged around twelve years old and a chic young woman who might be their big sister or aunt, they are talking and laughing and sound like they come from south London, she says:

There's this stuff called escargot, it's snails eggs and people eat it

that's disgusting!

it's like caviar which is fish eggs, you eat hens eggs, what's the difference?


  1. I'm with the boys on this one, even if her logic is (almost) impeccable!

  2. LOL it's the butter sauce that's so delicious! almost makes you forget what you're eating ;) xoxoxo

  3. What's in Penge? And how do you pronounce it? Thx
    I'm sitting here wondering if snails lay eggs.


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