Saturday, January 7

Yesterday at 5 am

I drove the Man to  where his filming crew, a big pile of suitcases and a bus were waiting for him to start a journey to Costa Rica where they will make another film about animals.

Today at 5 am I drove Kanako to the airport so she could start her journey back to Japan, we did a lot of crying and then I went home and cleaned our empty house and then I filled the car with logs and jumpers and cake and drove to London. 

I drove to Putney, to the house I am taking care of during school term time - the house with the Rude Mad Man next door. Currently it is also the house-with-a-broken-heating-system-until-a-Man-comes-to-fix-it.


  1. Oh dear...broken heating systems in cold weather go hand-in-hand with defunct fridge/freezers in hot weather.
    Does this make us twins or something? (My fridge has now been fixed and I've just cleaned out the rented one, ready to send it back.)

  2. Hopefully, the logs, jumpers, and cake will keep you warm until the fit-it man does his thing. Maybe try whiskey too.

  3. Ack. Boilers. I'm scared of mine.... I know how miserable I am without it. Hope yours is fixed soon.

  4. I was wondering why you threw in the logs with the sweaters. Eventually I put it together with the broken heating. I'm sorry you're friend had to go back to Japan. Maybe that's another place for you to visit. HNY.

    1. HNY Kim, I'd love to visit Japan, I do miss her


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