Thursday, February 23

We've had a bit more Chumpy

in the Life Class, which was divertingly chaotic. I'd booked a pregnant female model for this evening's class but she couldn't make it, so one of the office staff agreed to fall asleep and let us draw her, I put some Agnes Obel on the music box and it was lovely.


  1. Lovely art and music. Thank you.

  2. Lovely art. I don't know Agnes Obel but she sings nicely and, judging from the video, is more French than a net bag of croissants in the passenger seat of a Citroen double parked in front of revival cinema where they are showing Jules et Jim. Heart U!

    1. Thank you. Actually she's Danish and lives in Berlin - but I bet she likes French stuff too xx

    2. Ha! Shows what I know. I'm so impressed with all this drawing. It's like having a magic power.


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