Saturday, August 5

New Cats

the excitement's died down and I'm back at my Cat Woman day job in London with two fat boy cats - a cross-looking-black one and an anxious black-and-white one.  The anxious one nibbles things in other people's gardens which can result in an allergic reaction in the form of a swollen lower lip which makes him look a bit daft.

I'm in Brixton, which is one of my favourite bits of London and really great for not reading the academic tomes or writing the big essays that I am supposed to be doing RIGHT NOW.

Today I went touring fabric shops with Pam where we got lost in shiny things, she bought several metres of silver embossed plastic tablecloth which she might use as wallpaper in her new bathroom. I bought a metre of silky silvered fabric because the-man-at-home  wants something like tough silver cling film to make a 'sound camera' and this might be the stuff to do it.


  1. Pleased that there are enjoyable things like fabrics and potential camera parts in Brixton. I only know of it through that Clash song.

    1. Do you know Eddie Grant's Electric Avenue? There's also amazing food going on in Brixton

    2. Oh yes. Did a quick search about Electric Avenue. How cool. Never knew about that connection or the food. I always learn something interesting here!

      Now I am rocking to Electric Avenue ear worm today!


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