Saturday, December 30

The Christmas drive to my sister's house

takes us past Biggar and the famous Hogmanay bonfire which is in the middle of the high street and positioned alarmingly close to buildings. A few days ago, I stopped to take a photo of the not-yet-finished fire pile and spotted someone who looked local so I asked him if there were ever any problems

Not really but we board up the windows of the big house just in case 

Here's a lovely account of Biggar bonfire naughtiness 

wishing you all a peaceful, happy, healthy and delicious 2018


  1. Alcohol, a crowd, and fire, what could possibly go wrong!

    Thank you for sharing your adventures. Looking forward to many more.

  2. Holy Moley!!! But as LX said, what could possibly go wrong!

    Happy New year, darling, to you and yours! xoxox

    1. I didn't check the news yet, but they do say 'Biggar is Better' Happy New Year to you xxxx

  3. It'll be fine.... :-)

    HAPPY NEW YEAR, Ms Bonne!!!


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