Friday, January 5

Two years ago

we hosted a splendid party which involved a lot of cold meat and jelly. To boost my cooling power I bought an extra fridge. 

When the event was finished and everyone had eaten the leftovers I was going to give Party Fridge back to the charity shop from whence it came - but then our lodgers found it handy and it stayed, Party Fridge is a little too high to fit nicely anywhere, so stands awkwardly in the corridor outside the kitchen, as though waiting to be asked in.

Party Fridge was too large for the next lodger who bought Baby Fridge to put in her room, lodger has left but Baby Fridge remains. I want to get rid of them all 

but not until I have bought and installed the correct fridge 

The correct fridge arrived this morning and I realised that I am currently able to say that I have an embarrassment of fridges


  1. Is the new fridge one of those fancy ones with lots of doors and stuff?

  2. Pictures!! You know how I am about fridges, I need pictures.

  3. an embarrassment of fridges

    I love it! We had to replace our fridge last year and wanted the French door style with a bottom freezer, but cost won out and I had to settle for a 2 door side by side style. The nice thing is that the freezer on the side does have more room than having the freezer on top! xoxo

    1. French doors on a fridge sounds very fancy xxoo


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