Sunday, January 21

An elaborate celebration cake

was my contribution to a birthday party last week.

Slabs of lemon drizzle sponge cake, jars of homemade lemon curd, a vat of lemony creamy cheesecake, a pot of lemon/vanilla frosting, boxes of paper pasted with crispy thin shards of bitter chocolate and a tub of lemon peel that had been turned into candied yellow ribbon - all these things needed to be kept separate and cold ready to assemble on party day  - Party Fridge (see previous post) was my dearest friend in this endeavour. When Neat New Fridge arrived a few days ago, I cleaned up my dear friend, wrapped her so she could still breathe and then I placed her in the wood store - ready for the next party.


  1. That sounds rather yummy.... Lemon cheesecake is a favourite here, so I think your cake would go down well. Gorgeous. Want cake now... finding it difficult to close your page without getting some...

  2. Oh, wow! That celebration cake sounds wickedly delicious! Well done Lulu!

  3. I need to be in Bristol for my next birthday!! But, only if you'll make the cake!! Simply too gorgeous for words, sweetpea! xoxo

  4. I think I could managed a little nibble...

    (I hope Party Fridge wont ne sad, out there in the wood pile.)

    1. I've given her some gardening tools to talk to xx

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