Sunday, February 11

How to defend oneself?

The painter Rose Wylie depicts HRH Elizazabeth First disguised as a piece of furniture to keep attackers at bay. 

On my way back from the Rose Wylie show I visited the Wallace Collection. I recalled hearing a captivating interview with Tobias Capwell the mueum's Curator of Armour and a man with his own collection of custom-made armour - he does a lot of jousting, I remember his comment that one doesn't 'wear' armour, one 'operates' it - it becomes a prosthetic device, I found this intriguing so I went for a closer look.

I found this piece of Lady Armour - also handy for the after-fight Fetish Ball


  1. One could be quite the hit at the Ren Faire in that Lady Armor! Just saying.

    1. It would need a special cape to go with it

  2. One could be a hit anywhere with Lady Armour! Though it might set alarm bells ring at the airport.


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