Sunday, February 25

The bus stop was by a hairdressing salon

in the front part there were two lime green sofas, in the window a beautifully typographed hairdressing menu offered 'Japanese Straightening' in two varieties along with other, more exotic elaborations.

I was transfixed by a beautiful Japanese woman  reading a magazine, the blonde sections in her black Japanese-straight hair were tucked behind her ears creating yellow triangles, then I noticed the man behind the counter, massive like a Sumo wrestler. Green-haired, his ear lobes had the sort of piercing that makes a really big hole and held what looked like the spooney parts of soup spoons.  Edward Lear popped into my mind at this point, which is why I have illustrated this story with the Dong and his luminous nose


  1. Maybe the Jumblies were Japanese?

  2. Maybe the earrings were for picking up satellite TV!

  3. Awww... your first version had 'calligraphed' menu.... I wanna see....

    1. I'm sorry, I realised it was actually a hipster letterpress thing xx


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