Sunday, February 11

Walking down Kingsland Road last week

I heard a man's voice hiss

move your dirty body out of the way  

I was going at quite a clip anyway, it was a broad pavement and he actually couldn't walk any faster than me so we were going along side by side.  I wasn't sure I'd heard correctly so I said


He looked sideways at me and scowled and managed to walk a little ahead of me so I could get the best view of his stained and unpleasant sweat pants.

He was around 30, a lot bigger than me and clearly an Angry Man so, although in theory I'm all for calling people out and standing my ground etc. I figured that this might not end well for me - it was becoming a stand-off - so after walking beside him for just a couple more minutes I crossed the road and we paralleled each other for the next mile until he turned off.


  1. Well played ... discretion better part of valor and all that.

  2. I often have stand-offs with tractors in the country lanes.... it's usually me who sees sense first and takes the high ground :-)

    1. are you good at backing several miles down a country lane? x

  3. Be my Valentine! MMMWWWAAAHHH!!!

  4. He'd have had no trouble overtaking me.1. I can't gallop these days.2. I'm too sooky to stand up to BIG aggressive blokes.If I had one of Scarlet's tractors I'd be be able to tell HIM to move HIS dirty pants...

  5. YIKES!!! I agree with LX! I am glad you crossed the street, besides who wants to walk behind someone with stinky (pants) sweats!? xoxo


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