Friday, July 11

Getting the keys

13th June
The Director has been working round the clock rewriting the pilot script, and recutting the images - something that has already been done and redone for the last two years of development as various Big Controllers have toyed wih the idea of commissioning the project. Joy and Spontaneity seem to have been gone a long time now.

Despite all the uncertainty The Director and I drive to France to get the keys to the Lovely House. Le proprietaire gets us to sign more papers, takes us to see the rubbish dump and introduces us to the ageing and floppy Maire, there’s something about the way he stands a little bit stooped and holds his hands together in front of his chest that makes me think ‘Vicar/vulture’. Le proprietaire then takes us back to the house where we open champagne and he shows me how to catch crayfish out of one of the lakes.

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