Monday, July 28

Tension rises

28th July
Friday was fraught, still trying to come to terms with the Big Controller. We need to assume that agreement will be reached and continue with plans to start filming in France next week. People arrive for work early in the mornings. Five of us are beavering away; reading contracts, sorting out insurance, testing equipment, dealing with computer malfunctions and making schedules. The Director, too anxious to sleep, often works during the night.

7pm on Friday evening, people are starting to go home, the doorbell rings, New Wife has turned up an hour late for the appointment she made the previous night. I say 'I'm sorry, it's too late, we're just about to have supper...' her husband says 'I'm sure you can spare a couple of minutes'.

Stunned by their front, or maybe just sleep deprivation, we go to the kitchen. The Director pours wine and the newly weds tell us about their dreams to work together. New Wife feels that we shouldn’t let her lack of any relevant skills stand in the way of us employing her. I'm not sure how to tell her that that is not the issue holding me back.

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