Monday, July 21

Dancing and sausages

21st july
The village fete is four days of fun. After the sausage meal on Friday night there's a disco at the Salle which I didn’t attend but heard quite well through my shuttered windows. Last night I witnessed my first bal-musette - old time dancing on a packed dance floor where pensioners execute perfect polkas, waltzes and foxtrots. I don’t know how to do these dances and made many men regret asking me to dance because I'm not only taller than most of them, but I’m also clumsy and have no sense of rhythmn.

Tonight for the finale there will be a bigger, better bal-musette, accompanied by a bigger, better sausage and pulse-based meal.

There is a price to pay for all this fun. Arriving at the Salle des fetes to help clear up after last night's festivities I noticed that the volume of cars coming, going and parking has squashed Bee City flat.

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