Sunday, October 18

Autumn Colours

Been revelling in the sheer autumnalness of Bristol since coming home, the farmer’s market is very exciting, partly for the vegetables but also, surprise autumn-only stalls have appeared; there’s a chap who sells apples and cider, a squash man and the game butcher has more variety at this time of year, I had a look to see if he was selling squirrel yet - unfortunately not, so I bought a bag of pigeon giblets instead. Miss Whiplash and I tend to eat even more cake once summer's over and the Women’s Institute stall were having a competitive parkin bake-off, made sure that I capitalised on that one.

Last week on market day I had lunch date with PH, was planning to lure him into one of the the market cafés where they serve cooked-up versions of the stall produce. Seems that PH is frightened of vegetables, he suggested that we attack a mountain of smoked salmon that he’d recently caught at Loch Fyne. The salmon was delicious but then he made me sample a fruit salad that he was apparently going to distill once the fermentation process had completed, regular readers might know that I’m fearless on the experimental food front but I can tell you that I was quite careful not to go near a naked flame for the rest of that afternoon.


  1. WI Cake sounds excellent.

    The weird fruit salad thing reminds me of the Rumptopf craze of the late-80s when my mother habitually housed furry fruit in a hideous ceramic pot, like a giant, domestic petri-dish.

  2. Will you be cooking the Spiced Squirrel Popcorn for Bonfire Night?

  3. Experimental food? So, would you have been a food taster for kings and queens of yore?

    I limit myself on experimentation, except when it comes to new bottles of wine.

  4. i'm looking forward to the autumn markets, too, sugar! and baking bread! xoxoxo

    (thanks for everything!) ;~D

  5. I missed out on the Manchester Food Festival because the security arrangements for the Tory Conference meant that you could move between railway stations or move around the City Centre but not both. )-:

  6. I'm only frightened of your vegetables Lulu, that green thing posing as a parasol in your pic is in fact some species of fractal skull-crusher. As for the fruit salad, I'm up to version 6 now and I can report that NASA is bidding for the recipe.

  7. Glory - Ahh yes I shall have to enquire whether Wednesday's fruit salad was a progression of the Rumtopf

    xl -mmm spiced squirrel popcorn, is that what you're making, can I come round?

    Bill - you're missing out

    Sav - homemade bread - the best - unless its my attempts at sourdough

    Kev - you have been going through hell - no wonder you have to keep emergency food rations on your person

    Inky - I had some cavolo nero hiding under the romanescu, thank goodness I didn't let you see it.

  8. what else is hiding under your romanescu?

  9. Euuuh - did you say SQUIRREL? REAL squirrel. The cute furry things that I delight in watching race up trees??? There must be some mistake. I will bring you over some snails if you are looking for something exotic. Or better - A Barcelonian belly dancer! That should spice up your popcorn ;-)

  10. i'm always secretly impressed by your willingness to try all manner of foodstuffs Lulu.

    i'd be a little worried if we were ever stranded on a dessert island together, without food. my thighs are a little 'fuller' after the excesses of winter.

  11. hmmmm...
    i think i meant 'desert'
    because we'd be perfectly fine if it were an island made of desserts.

  12. Good grief, I never knew there was a type of cauliflower called a "romanescu"! So, you actually met Precision Handling: tell us now, what's he really like??

  13. Nursey - I keep all manner of useful things under my vegetables.

    Ange - actually I'm not that impressed by squirrels as food, I much refer the pigeon. MMmm snails, bring them over.

    Ms P - as long as it wasn't a chicken dessert island we'd be fine wouldn't we?

    Gadj - PH is quite lovely, if a little quirky; there's his vegetablephobia and the fact that he wears a crinoline, then he wanted to keep his mantilla on during lunch (a right drama queen)... his need to keep measuring the distance between the bits of cutlery and the cruet set gave away his OCD - but apart from little things like that he is charming and perfectly ... normal.

  14. What is East Village black on black? (yes, I did look at PH's account of his time with you).

  15. As I love both ginger AND molasses, this "parkin" of yours sounds delicious.

    Mistress MJ is fascinated by the names of your odd British cuisine (e.g. Spotted Dick) and wonders how parkin got its name?

  16. Frenchie - you should post that question directly to PH, I can only guess that he's seen a Woody Allan film and thinks that only people in New York wear black.

    He lives in one of those heritage villages where everyone has to dress up and I don't think he gets out much.

    MJ - hard to accurately guess the etymology of this one.

    Maybe someone like me was standing by a bonfire trying to decide whether she'd rather freeze or set her hair on fire and she was moaning a bit, then someone turned up with a bit of sticky ginger cake and said
    Park that in yer gob and shut up.

    Any other theories welcome

  17. I'm game!
    I have a recipe for squirrel pie if you're interested... and plenty of squirrels to peel off the road.

  18. @ Miss Scarlet's "plenty of squirrels to peel off the road"

    Squirrel pizza night!

  19. Gadj, isn't romanescu an inflected form of romanesc, which is Romanian for Romanian? So it's not a vegetable at all, but some East European assassination device. Oh, and, get this, when James Bond is translated into French, Moneypenny is rendered as Labonne. So Lulu is exposed as a Secret Agent. Lulu, who are you working for?

  20. your life is wonderfully interesting with bizarre people, bizarre food, exotic locations and odd things that seem to happen only to you.

    such great reading - transports me from this overly-bleached loaf of white bread called the mid-west....

    did you really get the sink to bring home?

  21. I love Bristol. One of my favorite UK cities. My cousin used to live in Clifton, in walking distance from the Brunel bridge. From her place on the hillside we looked out over the whole city and well beyond.

  22. Scarlet - I knew you'd be up for it bring your squirrels, I have plenty of champagne and chocolate...

    Xl - you are invited to the above event as long as you bring ice cream

    Mr Inkspot, do you think I didn't realise that the crinoline was merely shielding your secret weapon? And all that nonsense with the mantilla - as if I wouldn't notice the camera clipped to your ear - I have made a full report to HQ.

    Debs - I think equally bizarre stuff happens to everyone - they just don't realise how bizarre it is!

    Don't be silly, I'd never have fitted the sink in my suitcase, anyway I ordered the full snakeskin bathroom suite including bidet, expecting it to be shipped any day!

    Mr W - Bristol is fab, very beautiful and loads going on in it. You came and didn't visit? Shame on you!

  23. I've just returned (cos I like to read all your comments and sometimes even a re-read of your post) and noticed the picture of the chou romanescu. Isn't it the most divine vegetable - I adore it.

  24. p.s. have you met Mrs Pouncer yet? I find her/him very intriguing.

  25. dearie me...pigeon giblets? What on earth does one do with them?

    (Cow deciding she doesn't want to know)

  26. Frenchie - Yes Romanescu - yum!

    I haven't had the pleasure of meeting Mrs Pouncer but you have now put the idea in my head that he/she is Reading's answer to Barry Humphries

    Mrs Cow - giblets are lovely tossed in a hot pan with garlic and olive oil then thrown on dressed leaves and seasoned well - do try it!

  27. I have spoken to somebody claiming to be Mrs. P.

    She tried to sell me a magnetic corset.

  28. I hope you bought one Kevin, I imagine it's a boon to any diet seeing as how you'd have to keep well away from all white goods while wearing such a corset

  29. Hello from Russia!
    Can I quote a post "No teme" in your blog with the link to you?

  30. Hello anonymous in Russia - will you give me your url?


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