Saturday, October 24

Awards and Eye Sores

Stills from must-see movie Casus Kiran

Highlights of the week:

Saturday: Invite friends for supper, at the end there is rice pudding with coconut milk, cardamom, and baked pears, there’s a long curl of lemon zest in the pudding and toasted almonds on the top, it instantly wins a Dish of the Week Gold Star, hail self as genius then accidentally poke same self in eye with wooden spoon.

Woke with head cold, the eye is swollen and gummy-looking. Total disaster as must look totally gorgeous in exactly three days time.

Monday: Whiplash is back (Cheers from the gallery!) her rash has cleared up and she has discovered a local source of custard tarts baked by Portuguese person, they go exceedingly well with coffee from lesbian café.

Eye looking a bit better

Tuesday: Go to London and stay in friend’s cream-carpetted apartment - she is away. Scared of spoiling immaculateness so confine self to kitchen. Have boiled egg for tea while holding a cold wet flannel on eye. Check an email that is already sent as tender for cooking work, note that I make claims to have catered large pubic events

Wednesday: Eye looking good, set off for interview, wearing chic outfit and proper grown-up make up. Get caught short while approaching Westbourne Grove so nip into the local designer gorgeous public lavatory.

Try to wash hands but soap dispenser nozzle blocked, push harder on soap lever, suddenly soap becomes unblocked, resultant jet of liquid ricochets off my open palms into eyes, rinse energetically, there are no towels. Emerge looking like I’ve been in a fight.

Thursday: Bristol and a gig: Andy White, is very good, here's one of his videos

Friday: Film and dance event in converted church, a spinach and peanut butter wrap served during interval wins Interesting Food of the Week Award.


  1. love that song and film clip - bring on the snail indeed.

    And I would certainly eat a peanut butter and spinach wrap

  2. Your rice pudding dish sounded divine - I've never thought about using coconut milk.

    Did you watch Masterchef? So glad that Steve won. Who were you rooting for?

    Fingers crossed you get a) the tender for the cooking and b) that the interview went well.


  3. oh dear, I shouldn't have said who won really.

  4. Cheers for the awards and the return of Miss Whiplash!

    Uh, is there any of the rice pudding left?

  5. Nursey - glad you like it. I think the snail is on a special contract.

    Frenchie - it's ok you haven't given the game away as I haven't been watching MC. Rice pudding is very big in Asia and it's amazing the flavours that go well with it. In Turkey they use rosewater.

    xl- come over and I'll make a new one!

  6. Hope your eye is better now. How awful to get soap in your face when you had to go to an interview. Did they understand?
    Thanks for the nice music.

  7. Mmm, mouthwatering. Ha, "catered large pubic events" - is that where that public lavatory comes in??

  8. I love that toilet. Here is a link to toilet of the year awards:

    (I don't know how to do http on the comment box)

  9. I want you to know that I winced in horror whilst reading about the sink mercilessly exploding.

    Our brains retain more awful memories than pleasant ones...Paleopsychologists describe this attribute as some sort of evolutionary adaptation that we've acquired in order to learn from our mistakes.

    I did laugh about your decision to seclude yourself to your friend's kitchen...I would have gone around and moved every knick-knack about a 1/4 of an inch.
    You are made of sterner stuff and I applaud your restraint :)

  10. I'm glad to know that you continue the fight against swine flu by performing the proper ablutions. And your week sounds rather more interesting than mine does.

  11. Absoluely SCANDALOUS that such an attractive dunny could have such a badly designed soap dispenser. What on earth is the world (and technology) coming to? You poor possum! Hope you don't look like a raccoon anymore and that you blew them away with your avant garde appearance! Let us know the result. Would gladly hire you to make me a rice pud like that (me who can't normally abide by rice pud)!

  12. Crikey Glory - I didn't mean to cause more pain - sorry!

    Dedene Did they understand?
    We British are trained to appear unaware of strangeness. My interviewers seemed oblivious to my drowned panda look.

    Hi Alphawoman

    Gadjo - Since seeing that typo I've really wanted to cater a large pubic event - I shall have to stage one.

    French Fancy - nice link!

    MJ Rice pudding again?
    Sorry darling am I being repetitive?

  13. Donn w/2nz winced in horror
    So did I, I am surely even more psychologically scarred now - will I learn - who knows?

    I would have gone around and moved every knick-knack about a 1/4 of an inch.
    And that's why we all love you Donn

    Madame DeFarge your week sounds rather more interesting than mine does.
    What are you talking about - I didn't get any lewd phone calls!

    Ange blew them away with your avant garde appearance!
    I do hope that was the effect - it could go either way

    Hi UBERMOUTH - it's much funnier the day after

  14. Sorry darling am I being repetitive?

    No, I was quoting the poem Rice Pudding by A. A. Milne.

  15. Lulu has such an interesting life...rice pudding sounds delicious, award probably was even more tasty though!


  16. Hi I was gone all summer and I popped back to the bloggy world to find you are still soon much braver then me. Not just with the bugs, but that whole spinach peanut butter wrap. Now, why do I say that? I love spinach. I love peanut butter. I love wraps. Ah, again you have me questioning my conventions. Just as long as there are no earwig wraps.
    Hey, I have a friend that has a blog that I think you might like too. Check her out when you get a minute. She loves to cook and cares about the earth. Plus she is much braver then me with the bugs then me.

  17. Getting caught short? I thought only men did that, the I realised it was not for number twos.

  18. Catering "large pubic events" reminds me of the filthy old joke with the punchline "I'm looking for my jeep," so I'll confine myself to hoping your eye gets better.

  19. Loved the video clip - thank you!

    I wish they were playing when I was visiting friends in Bristol this past summer. That would have made the visit complete.

  20. MJ was quoting the poem Rice Pudding by A. A. Milne.
    I'd completely forgotten that one - lovely!

    Mrs Cow - do you have your eye on the gold star for tea?

    Beverly Hamilton Wenham
    Great to see you back, do post your friends blog details so I can see.

    Emerson Marks Getting caught short
    Is a bit of a masculine term, i'm not sure if I do have the licence to use it actually.

    Kevin "I'm looking for my jeep," so I'll confine myself to hoping your eye gets better.
    I need to know the beginning of that one now!

    Scribe - did you see the tour dates - anywhere else you could catch them?

  21. Scribe - Just realised that you're in Canada so maybe out of your range for the tour - shame, get the album then, details are on the tour dates link.

  22. oh i love your blog!

  23. Duh, I forgot to add her address. Her name is Kate and I just think you two would dig each others blogs. I know I do.
    Hold Fast Seeker
    Gee, I hope that works. You can also get yo her though my sight!


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