Friday, June 18

From Grumpiness...

My morning walks continue - I multi-task and look out for premises that could accommodate a small film company with a lot of kit, I take notes of the estate agents boards stuck on buildings and peep into abandoned warehouses and cathedrals.

The walk bit of my day is lovely - when I come home for breakfast I am in a very happy place, then after nine I get on the phone to witless estate agents, attempt to track down elusive surveyors and present my findings to The Director who tells me that what I have come up with is too big, too small, too high up, too far away, too nice, too grim or ‘just not what we’re after’.

Today's map - inspired by my friend Red-handed shows how we could find our way from grumpiness to a better place.


  1. Is the fish from the "better plaice" a piranha from the lovely warm moat? : j There's good eating on one of those, especially if they're well fed.

  2. You have captured 'grumpiness' perfectly.

    When The Director tells you these things is he really saying: 'I want to keep things as they are'?

  3. i got lost over at red-handed, sugar! :) i find it really difficult at times dealing with the MITM when we're in employer/employee mode. it's as if the fact that i know he likes his steak medium rare with a bit of blue cheese on the side means i know which particular dozer he's talking about when he says things like, "you know the one you sent me a couple of months ago or maybe it was last year...that one. call that guy." it's the enough, too much or what question that's unanswerable. xoxoxxo

  4. Well, I reckon I could afford the plaice if I could sell the place!

  5. Seems it might be necessary to say, "Bub, if what I'm finding is 'too big, too small, too high up, too far away, too nice, too grim or ‘just not what we’re after' ... then guess what? It's now your turn to find what YOU want. Go for it."

    A plate of smiling fish just won't be enough,

  6. Fish'n'chips always cheers my grumpiness!

  7. Oh you poor thing - dealing with witless people and having to say GGGRRRRR as yet another phone call is finished or email read - you do have my sympathies.

    Now we watched the film and when he set fire to his hand we both said in unison 'we've seen this'. Yes, I couldn't remember the title or indeed how the film panned out but various scenes did suddenly flash into my mind at the start of the film (yes, mainly the pooing into each others bums*)

    * and now we'll see who wants to know about this film to see the bum thing.

  8. i cant decide where i am on the map - either somewhere in the tangle of backtracking and getting lost or trying to climb the hill to the castle but keep sliding down....

    whatever, wherever, i am still bitchy....

  9. p.s. i just spent happy time over at red handed...

  10. I love the maps... and fish and chips are just yumminess filled with grumpilessness (both of those are real words - promise!)

  11. I am good at reading maps, but probably could not draw one like this. I suspect that my own route to a better place would involve too many dead ends and u-turns.

  12. Roly poly down was one of the sweet things about the love of my life.

  13. Yes, French Fancy, I do need to know what film!

  14. My better place includes BBQ ... and porn.

  15. Alesa - yup all fish jump out of the moat onto a plate.

    Eryl - You've got him pegged - loving progress - just not too keen on change

    Sav - I feel your pain sweetie, I can cope with buildings better than I can vehicles xxx

    Fly - pricey fish!

    Hello Will - nice to see you here.

    Funnily enough a plate of smiling fish can make things seem better x

  16. Scarlet - Exactly !

    Frenchie - thanks for sympathy, not sure if you liked the film though.

    Deb - it's all knotty isn't it?

    Glad you enjoyed Red

    Ms Distracted - grumpilessness the state we all aspire to.

    Madame DeF - I would like to see your map, wouldn't you put secret tunnels in?

    Kevin - Roly poly is one of the sweet things about life.

    Eryl - it's You, Me and Everyone We Know - Miranda July (I love it!)

    xl - somehow that didn't come as a surprise

  17. That's an excellent and accurate map covering the Grumpiness region - often the best way out of it is a pun.

  18. I did like it but you know what it's like (or maybe you don't) with something you've already seen - your mind is straining to try and recall what happens next, at the same time as watching slightly remembered things happen.

    We gave it 9/10 and I know Ms July had her critics but I like her style very much

  19. Aw ... the only thing I usually inspire is an Order of Protection.

    Keep mapping, you lovely bacon you.

  20. Gadjo - The best way out of most things is a pun. (great to see you - how's the job going?)

    Frenchie - I'm very keen on Miranda July - especially her name.

    Red - I have got an Order of Protection on you - you need protecting.


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