Wednesday, June 30


A few hours after I arranged to accompany my father on the Epic Walk, it was announced that the filming team would be flying to Sri Lanka the day after the walk takes place - when I’m not dreaming about bleeding scalps I get anxious that this walk might make my legs snap off and I won’t make it to the airport.

I was just considering the career options for people with snapped-off legs when the answer turned up in my in-box

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  1. 30 miles!

    I walked 6 today, accompanied by the Youngest on her bike. She cycles WAY too fast! :¬)


  2. just think of the savings by not buying footwear....

  3. Well, at least you won't step on a snake!

  4. Sounds like your father could carry you to the airport if the need arises.

    Why don't I ever get such useful mail, my potency definitely needs to be increased?

  5. Are they not taking you to the airport on a bier?

    (My junk mail offers me bigger breasts and a larger dick. It's not a comfortable mental image)

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. Map - never walk with dogs or cyclists - they'll kill you in the end.

    Deb - there will always be footwear, I shall just attach it to other parts of my body

    Xl - bouncing on a snake sounds worse

    Eryl and Kevin - This was a refreshing change from the willy and tits stuff I usually get.

  8. Well it's a fair old flight to Sri Lanka....lots of time for feet up. xxxx

  9. Joeyjojojo - If they've snapped off I can even put them in the overhead locker xxx


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