Thursday, July 1

Introducing The Bedroom Test

New people are joining our team to help with the telly-making. My interview technique involves inviting people who think they want to work with us to come over for a beer then we all do a bit of interrogation. A lovely smiling boy came to see us this week with a view to becoming a junior camera boy. After some general chit chat the current junior camera boy asked him:

You need to be quite organised, are you quite organised? - How tidy is your bedroom?

This particular Camera Boy has the messiest bedroom in the world and it contains a big snake, but I like this way of choosing applicants, in future I will be asking prospective employees to enclose a photo of their bedroom with their cvs.


  1. Good idea! You should also get them to bring a cake they have baked themselves to the interview and, to ensure they did bake it themselves, interrogate them about the ingredients and baking process. Or, thinking on my feet (well, bottom) here, they could bring dinner and you could ask them how they made it. You'd have to be pretty organised to make, and transport dinner, for a job interview.

  2. Eryl, we did have an interviewee who brought flapjacks to the interview and we loved that, but he was too crackers for us and we couldn't give him the job.

  3. cap'n chaos is in london shooting a commercial for H&M! i should tell him to get in touch...although i think he's probably too old for junior camera boy status, sugar. but he can cook and is incredibly organized. ;~) xoxoxo

  4. That's a very good interview question, actually! Here's another one:

    When I was interviewed for my current job, I was asked to describe, in detail, how to make a sandwich. My answer was meant to determine my level of organisation, articulation, and creativity. Thankfully, I am quite particular about my sandwich-making techniques, and the boss craved one immediately. I got hired, and on my first day, I brought my boss a sandwich. :)

  5. My bed is always tidy and organized. Fluffed pillows, you know. The rest of the room, not very.

    Would I get the job?

  6. I've just been in to look and will return with a laundry basket to pick up all the books...

  7. Brilliant idea. But maybe you should give them the job for the MOST creative bedroom mess. I often find that people with tidy bedrooms have no time for a real life.

  8. Are we going to get competitive about the messiness of bedrooms?

  9. Savannah - someone who can cook and is incredibly organized - what more can a girl ask for - send him round xxx

    kat - The Sandwich Test - I like that one

    xl - Is it that the bed is too fluffy to see the mess over the duvets and pillows?

    MJ would surely be upset if I employed you as well

    Mrs Fly - Do you throw the books at Mr Fly's retreating back?

    JoeyJoJo I often find that people with tidy bedrooms have no time for a real life.
    We now have all fessed to to messy bedrooms so it's great to know that just makes us better.

    Kevin - No, I've won!

  10. I love that idea Lulu! I once got a job purely on the basis of my star sign combined with the Chinese year I was born in. Needless to say it only lasted 4 months

  11. You should hire people (boys anyway) on the basis of their porn collection.

    If they deny having one run away.

  12. Nursey - Whiplash always checks the candidates astro charts

    Inky - you can guest on the interview panels, what's the key question for girls?


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