Tuesday, July 20


This is a map of my world these days, the film crew occupy three of the two dozen wooden cabins that accommodate the lodge guests, we each have a little fenced-in beer porch outside our front door.

A central wooden building contains the bar and restaurant, there is a Look-Out! tower on top of the restaurant and a fiendish pool outside the bar. The pool looks really good - new guests jump in with the anticipation of a refreshing swim only to find that the water level comes to just above a grown-ups knees. The children have great fun though, there are little islands to leap around on and I spent a happy hour watching three Dutch children playing an interesting drowning/life-saving game there the other day.

Apart from my foam- and battery-buying forays I am confined to the lodge boundaries and have yet to visit the National Park.

Due to the proximity of the park and the quantity of animals that could present us with so many exotic ways to die, we are requested not to venture out of sight of the cabins on our own. I can hear a crashing sea, metres from my cabin but I can’t go and look at it without company.

The Camera Boys are subject to the same restrictions as everyone else, when they pack up the vehicles for the shoot they must include a park warden and everyone stays inside the cars until they get back home again.

Langurs come to play on our roofs, usually a great big herd of them descend and bounce around noisily for an hour before moving on to the next one.


  1. "... watch out those goddamn monkeys bite, I'll tell ya."

    Apocalypse Now

    I hope you can get out and (carefully!) explore the park and seashore.

    PS: I highly recommend to fellow readers that they visit here to see the astounding images the Camera Boys are capturing!

  2. Yep... I also visited Notes From the Field... and saw the lepherd! you be careful, young lady!

  3. Spitting crocs are the worst so avoid that place on the map.

  4. It sounds dangerous enough within sight of the cabins to me, so I'm glad to hear you are doing as you're told. It must be rather tempting to head towards that sea though, X

  5. Your world sounds very adventuresome. The large bar facing the pool is perfect.

  6. those langurs have such cute facial hair

  7. A house is not a home without a langur on the roof.

  8. Oh, the drown and save-a-life game...one of my favorites!

  9. Lulu, please make sure your langour neighbours don't stare at you with that 'yummy yummy' look ... XL is right, these monkeys bite!

  10. Wandering is for suckers; I just spent three weeks wandering through the ocean and my feet eventually rebelled, turning the colour and consistency of an angry Jabba the Hut.

  11. xl, Scarlet and Leni - I sure am watching out for those sharp little canines

    Will - Not going there again - no siree!

    Eryl - Probably just as well that the sea is forbidden, I'd spend all my time there.

    Dedene - The large bar facing the pool diminishes the adventuresomeness a little I think.

    Nursey - Langur brows and beads are a delight to behold

    MJ - a langur on the roof seems to keep the place nice and cosy

    bb - how did I know you play that game too?

    Red - I'll send a masseur right over.

  12. I bet you never imagined you would be living inside a langour trampoline.

    These stories are FABULOUS, but I hope you are as safe and as comfortable as the surroundings will allow. xo


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