Thursday, July 8

Getting To Sri Lanka

This is a drawing of the first 24 hours of our journey to Sri Lanka, the highlights being the 3-hour jam on the motorway, the dash for the flight, the random meals and the bit where we are met by NK at Columbo airport and taken straight for our third breakfast in 12 hours. This is just the first half of the journey. When NK saw us looking like the poor straggly things that we had become he said, When did you set off? ... Yesterday morning ... hahahaha ... we now have very a long drive, you are going to kill me ....


  1. On the bright side, it sounds like you had a proper number of breakfasts. : j

  2. Sounds like Groundhog Day for breakfasts! I hope you are now settled in and able to eat the full complement of meals once more.

    Your diagram is great, I'm inspired to practice a bit of drawing myself.

  3. i'm excited for all y'all and also, following all the news there. stay safe! xoxoxo

  4. I'm hoping the breakfasts included some good comfort food like Lucky Charms, waffles, bacon, etc.

  5. Don't forget to eat roti and curry and pitu and vadai and... I'll stop now!
    Lots of delicious spicy food in Sri Lanka, I hope you'll have the time and the opportunity to taste some of it!

  6. A true Sri Lankan welcome..bad news given with a giggle...

  7. Glad you made it without too much trouble and with enough breakfast. And I L-O-V-E the drawing. Lulu, is there anything you _can't_ do?

    Don't do anything that might result in a rash.

  8. Trust ME to show up just as you're leaving.

  9. That much airplane food should be illegal.

  10. Alesa - good job that brekfast is one of my favourite meals.

    You're dead right the food here is wonderful

    Eryl - diagrams are wonderful things - please post yours

    Sav - Thanks Doll xxx

    xl - yup lots of comfort food - I am waddling with the eefects of comfort food.

    Mrs Fly - what great people they seem to be.

    K - Don't do anything that might result in a rash.
    best advice ever - but you make me blush sweetie

    Hey MJ - are your comments finally sticking around?

    livingladolcevita - That much airplane food probably is illegal.

  11. I'm glad the food's tasty. Make sure you eat lots of imperial things like kedgeree, you must set a good example to the natives.

    Of what I'm not sure.


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