Thursday, July 22

Points Of View

Our film is about what happens at night.

If you go into the Park at night, and it is a bit cloudy without much moon, it all looks like black scribble.

With night vision goggles you can see shapes of animals but the ones more than a few metres from the car will be quite fuzzy.

Our magic cameras can magnify the light of a single star by a factor of thousands and translate heat into light. Out in the bush only the one with the camera gets a clear picture.

The view from my cabin is another thing. The Camera Boys give me their boxes containing the fragments of a thousand stories, I sort through the clips, looking for the edge pieces and important details that will accumulate to become The Most Interesting Story, a good one with little sub-plots and dramas.


  1. The water buffalo is probably easier to work with than Marlon Brando!

  2. Technology amazes me. I find it heartening, though, that a human is needed to find the best story. Can't wait to hear about what you uncover, X

  3. I love your little drawings Lulu

  4. I sometimes view the world through beer goggles.

  5. Very nice drawings, Lulu. Correct me if I'm wrong, but that buffalo looks like sleeeping inside a microwave oven,

  6. It is fascinating to hear the behind the scene side of this work. Not that I'd go outside after dark. I'm a big fearty.

  7. Sometimes weekdays feel like black scribbles... Only there is no one around to catch the truth of it. And even if there were they would be hard pressed extracting The Most Interesting Story from it.

    That's why I never leave home without my eraser... ; j

  8. goodness I am happy that you and the crocs found different shifts to occupy the sand spit. What other dangerous nature lurks? I want to know, as the weather in Philly has come to approximate that of Sri Lanka and it would be useful to anticipate what sort of things I'd best not step on as they wriggle ever further northward.

  9. Xl - the water buffalo is a cantankerous old grouch - probably not much to choose between him and MB

    Eryl - Technology amazes me. I still don't really believe in electricity

    Thank you Nursey

    MJ - is that when you have to find a cake to sit on?

    Leni - that buffalo was sitting in a tiny pool of water and a leopard was trying to sneak a cheeky drink behind his back.

    Madame DeF - Me too - the only place I'm happy after dark is the bar, I shall make some 'Big Feartys Need To Stick Together' T-shirt.

    Alesa - I also never leave home without my eraser, who knows what might need rubbing out during the day.

    Hi Jacob - Don't you already have enough scary things? - those Tea Party ladies and whosisname Limbaugh scare me far more than a pile of vipers

  10. You have such an interesting job. Can we trade?


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