Monday, July 19

The Jesus Pig

Just beyond the bushes surrounding my cabin is a bright green lake, the luminosity of which led me to assume that it didn't support much life but I watched as horned cattle waded in to shoulder depth in the mornings, stood around for an hour or two then disappeared back into the bushes. I also saw some deliciously cartoon-ey storks standing in the lake and realised that a lot of birds come visiting here, so I got out my crayons and walked up the spit of sand that runs part-way into the lake to see them more closely.

Yesterday evening I climbed to a look-out post from which I could see the lake. The sand spit was covered with fat man-sized crocodiles, which made me gulp a bit, then I watched a pig emerge from the bushes, keeping up a steady trot, she made straight for the spit, slalomed between the crocs and when she got to the end of the land she kept going, running on the water without slackening her pace until she got to the island in the middle of the lake.

impressive surface tension!


  1. Lulu walks on water as far as I'm concerned, but please don't try that!

  2. That reminds me of a line from "Omaha" by counting crows, "Hey man if you're gonna walk on gators, wear steel boots for your defense..."
    Or something like that.

    I wonder if pig Jesus saves. ; j
    You could make tshirts with WWPJD on the front and your drawing on the back!

  3. I worship bacon indeed, so this makes perfect sense!

  4. First cats and dogs living together and now pigs and crocs?

  5. oh Lulu please be careful around the crocs.

    (and Alesa, I love that song)

  6. So Jesus was a pig? This would explain the crusades and so much more, you've made a real breakthrough here Lulu.

    PS I hope you're not wearing crocs, they are simply hideous.

  7. Now I know why so many religions regard pig eating as an abomination.

    I'm tempted to turn to religion myself and pray for your safety, X

  8. xl - All it takes is a little faith.

    Alesa - will have to check that song out

    Will and Dolce - I too have always worshipped at he altar of bacon, so this did not surprise me really.

    Wow - I expect the crocs are too full of people

    Nursey - staying well clear my dear

    Inky - I have made so many original discoveries I have decided to look for a professorship on my return.

    Absolutely not wearing crocs - never fear

    Eryl - I'm afraid my pig-love doesn't stop me eating them.

    Mrs Fly - Politician/Messiah - same thin these days

  9. Here's a youtube link. : j


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